The goal of our common world trip

In 80 days we want to cover 122,578 kilometers of land and 36,443 kilometers of water. The disciplines on land and on water are contested at the same time, the uploaded and documented results are calculated for the land or water route. There will be two moving points on the interactive world map that will show us every day where we are on our journey. So we come to a community effort that, with your support, leads us through 153 countries and their capitals.

We want to take as many people as possible with us on our world tour. No matter where you live, everyone can join in and help ensure that we travel from Norderstedt to Norderstedt in 80 days. We want to hear your stories on social media. Show us your favorite route, show us your favorite travel destinations, show us your favorite vacation photos. Be creative, because only through you will our journey become an exciting, communicative and interactive community experience.

In addition to the sporting component, the trip is also intended to serve various non-profit organizations. The focus is on a local project in Norderstedt and various climate and environmental protection projects.


Here you can register for a joint sporting, global and virtual world tour.

Link: Registration

After registration, you will receive a registration confirmation by email with all the important information.


Here you can find the results for World Giant.

Here you can find the live-results of the running specials.


The event takes place during 80 days: May 1st to July 19th 2021.

If the full mileage on land and in water has been achieved before July 19th, we will simply extend the route towards Northern Europe.


In principle, everyone of any age is eligible to participate. Children and young people (under 18 years of age) may participate with the consent of their parents. By registering, the participant declares that no health concerns exist in order to participate and that the participant exercises the sport at his/her own risk.

List of participants:


On land

  • Land-running: Walking, nordic walking, hiking, running.
  • Land-rolling: everything that has wheels/ rolls (without a motor): biking, recumbent bike, inline skating, wheelchair, skateboard, roller ski. 

In the water

  • Water-swimming: swimming, diving
  • Water-water sports (without motor): SUP, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surfing.


  • Best individual performance in total kilometers Land-running
  • Best individual performance in total kilometers Land-rolling
  • Best individual performance in total kilometers Water-swimming
  • Best individual performance in total kilometers Water-water sports
  • Largest Team/Company
  • from which country outside of Germany do most participants come from and are most kilometers completes
  • additional evaluations can be added throughput the events
  • many exciting prizes will be awarded at the end of the even to participants who have uploaded at least one result 

Running Specials:

During the event period there will be four running specials that we offer to U18 (2005 and the like).

May 14-16: Welcome Run: 5 km and 10 km

June 04-06: Norderstedt Run: 5 km, 10 km and half marathon

June 25-27: Midsummer Run: 5 km, 10 km and half marathon with Team and company evaluation

July 16-18: Farewell Run: 5 km, 10 km, half marathon und Marathon (2003 u.ä.)

We will offer you further specials throughout the event period.

Results and award ceremony of the Running Specials:

  • Overall winner place 1-3 per distance male/female

Participation fee for the complete world tour including the specials:

  • The entry fee is 10.00 euros / per participant of which you donate one Euro to the organization „one earth – one ocean“.
  • You can order the participant medal for 5.00 euros including shipping (Worldwide shipping might be more expensive). The medal is made of 100% wood.
  • You can order the participant t-shirt for 24.90 euros including shipping (Worldwide shipping might be more expensive). We will print your name on the shirt in the „2021“ block. The T-shirt is made of 100% recycled polyester, GRS Standard (Global Recycelt Standard), is breathable and dry wicking (moisture transport). Available sizes: Unisex XS – S – M – L – XL – XXL. Since we only order and produce the shirts after the end of the event, so that everyone has the chance to put their name on the T-shirt, the dispatch will take place approx. 6-8 weeks after the end of the event.
  • There will be no reimbursement of the entry fee and ordered articles in case of drop-out, illness or cancellation of the participant.


  • Registration is via our online portal. You can use the link to register for the trip during the entire event period.
  • For a real travel feeling, you will receive a travel ticket (participation number) from us, which you can use as your personal starting number during the entire world tour. You can print out the starting number at home and wear it while exercising.
  • The travel ticket is valid for the entire duration of the event. You decide when and how often you want to participate. Everything is possible, from several times a day to once every 80 days.
  • There will be different specials and competition highlights in which you can participate during the event.
  • A team or company team consist of at least three participants – female, male or mixed. There is no upper limit. The three fastest runners in a team or company team are automatically recorded using the team or company name (please use the correct and uniform spelling) as are the next three, etc. This means that the teams do not have to be determined before the event. If a team or a company starts with fewer than three participants, they will be included in the individual evaluation.
  • After registration you will receive a registration confirmation by email with all further information.

Transfer of the data:

  • You collect the data yourself. It is based on trust. We assume that everyone will behave fairly and only report the distances and times they have actually achieved (for the running specials with photo proof).
  • You have to report your data daily so that we can make good progress. If you should forget it, you can hand in your data within a week. After one week, it is no longer possible to enter the data.
  • After registering, you will receive an email from us with your personal data and a link to your personal upload portal. This is where you upload your data every day.
  • It doesn’t matter which device you use to collect your data.
  • The results are added daily to the two categories of land and water for the circumnavigation of the world, so you can always see where we are.
  • As proof of your completed activity for the specials, you also have to upload a screenshot of your activity data (heart rate monitor, smartphone app, etc.) to your personal upload portal.

What do you get for your entry fee? 

  • A travel ticket in the form of a start number.
  • Access to the Upload-Portal in order to upload your personal data
  • Provision of live result lists
  • A map to follow-up the routes on land and in the water via the homepage.
  • Access to our interactive Facebook and Instagram group, where you can meet athletes and fellow travelers of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Exchange of GPS data, photos and inspiration. You decide what to post.
  • Your personal certificate at the end of the trip and for the specials.
  • A participation medal after the event, if you ordered one when registering.
  • A participation shirt after the event, if you ordered one when registering.
  • Exciting prizes that we will collect on the trip.
  • An organization team with a lot of heart and soul which is open to all questions.

Are there any special requirements due to the Corona-pandemic?

Always comply with the current legal regulations regarding freedom of movement and contact restrictions which can also change at short notice and vary depending on the country. You conduct the activities that you choose privately and at your own risk. The current resolutions and regulations by the governments of the country and federal states must be followed. The organizer assumes no liability for any violations of the country’s or federal states‘ rules of conduct. Choose routes that have as few people as possible. If you meet other athletes, keep an appropriate distance of at least 2 meters.


On our climate-neutral trip around the world, we will not only do sports and do something good for ourselves and our body, but we will also do something good for our environment. Lace up your running shoes, take your bike on the way to work, jump into the cool water and at the same time do something good – that’s the purpose of our charity trip around the world. With your participation and the kilometers you cover in the next 80 days, you are definitely doing something good. To motivate us, we have included various charity points in our travel route. You can also support any organization with your own donation.

With your registration you become the

Participant Hero

With your registration you donate one Euro to the organization „one earth – one ocean“. You can increase the donation as you wish when you register!

The non-profit organization One Earth – One Ocean e.V. (oeoo) from Munich and Kiel has been pursuing the goal of ridding bodies of water worldwide from plastic waste, but also from pollution caused by oil and chemicals, since 2011. more

one earth – one ocean

Local Hero

Stadtwerke Norderstedt will donate one euro to the German Red Cross local association in Norderstedt for each registered participant.

In the current situation, the German Red Cross is an important support and support for people of all ages in many areas of everyday life such as sport, health, mobility and social affairs.

Stadtwerke Norderstedt


Charity points ashore

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity is currently facing. Climate protection means counteracting global warming. It is one of the greatest problems of the 21st century. It’s about our livelihood, our earth. It’s about our ecological footprint. It’s about species protection and much more.

Charity point 1

When we have made our journey 50,000 km, the company xyz donates to the organization ……..

Charity point 2

When we have made our journey 100,000 km, the company xyz donates to the organization………

Charity points in the water

On our journey on the sea we want to draw attention to various problems in our oceans. The destruction of habitats through, among other things, fishing, poaching, marine pollution, eutrophication and ongoing climate change with effects on the water temperature and the salinity of our seas. The loss of biodiversity and the effects on our ecosystems affect us all!

Charity point 3

When we have made our journey in the water 15,000 km, the company xyz donates to the organization everwave. Take a look at the website to see what everwave stands for and if you like the program, your donation is welcome here.

The Aachen-based everwave community e.V. is committed to closing the plastic cycle. River platforms and rubbish collection boats prevent litter from entering the oceans. The waste is then recycled into new products using environmentally friendly processes, and the public is also made aware of environmental issues and environmental education is carried out. The association’s vision: Create a responsible society for healthy oceans!


Charity point 4

When we have made our journey in the water 30,000 km, the company xyz donates to the organization See Shepherd. Check out what Sea Shepherd stands for on the website and if you like the program, your donation is welcome here.

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity and marine ecosystems. Sea Shepherd employs innovative direct action tactics to investigate, document and, if necessary, intervene to detect and counter illegal activities on the high seas. Our goal is to protect and preserve the oceans in a sustainable manner.

Sea shepherd

Disclaimer of liability

I report and participate in the virtual world tour at my own risk. I accept the conditions stated in the advertisement and the organiser’s disclaimer for damage of any kind. The organizer assumes no liability for the objects and valuables brought by me, my relatives or companions during the event. I waive my own liability claims against the organizer and, in the event of my own claims, the assertion of recourse claims against the organizer and its employees or agents, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the organizer or the reason for liability is based on a violation of essential traffic obligations . I declare that I am healthy and in an adequate condition. I also agree that personal data for timing, placement, and the creation of a list of starters and results, as well as the photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with the event on radio, television, and advertising are recorded and passed on in the report , Books, photomechanical reproductions and can be published on the website without any claim for remuneration. I expressly confirm the correctness of all the data I have provided and assure that I will not pass my start number on to anyone else. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the event due to force majeure or due to official requirements. Entry fees paid will not be reimbursed in the event of cancellation. The road traffic regulations must be observed in any case for every activity. All regulations are to be observed in the water as well. (Note according to data protection law: Your data will be stored automatically.)